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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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right now at 6:00, disturbing video shows a car plowing into a crowd at the alt-right rally in charlottesville. one person is dead. >> and just went flying everywhere. the pedestrians, the most horrific thing i've seen in my life. >> witnesses reacting to seeing people tossed in the air after the car made impact. nearly 20 people were hurt. we're going to have live team coverage on the wreck in the alt-right rally that sparked all of this chaos. and we are awaiting a news conference. >> storm team 4. >> let me also mention before we get to that, we are awaiting a news conference
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now we want to change gears and we need to go to the breaking situation that is affecting everybody here in our region. good evening, and thanks for joining us. i'm erika gonzalez. a severe thunderstorm watch is going to last well into your saturday night. it is a storm team 4eaerth alert day. we want to straight to the biggest threats tonight. samar? >> some areas already being impacted. i want to get straight to the graphics. the area shaded in pink are under a severe thunderstorm watch till 11:00 p.m. tonight. but it's more ressing in the areas shaded in yellow. frederick county, month gonery county, howard county -- as well as loudoun under a severe thunderstorm warning till 6:458 p.m. because we're tracking this line of storms, very heavy rainfalling with it, damaging winds, lots of lightning moving towards the east at about 25 miles per hour. moderate. therefore you could see ponding as well as localized flooding. it's track this out as far as
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lisbon, 6:12:00 p.m., expect this line of storms to be ripping through. woodfield around 6:158 p.m. again, continuing to push towards the south and east. if you are getting ready to head out, maybe run errands or getting ready for the evening, i hold off till the line of showers and thunderstorms clears your area. we'll talk more how it will impact the district this evening. >> back to you. >> now to the breaking news in charlottesville, virginia. police expected it to be a challenge. managing the crowds at what's believed to be the largest gathering of white nationalists in years. nobody expected this. a car plowing into peaceful counterprotesters and we've learned police have a driver in custody. derrick ward is live near the scene with more on how all of this unfolded. derrick? >> reporter: well, we're at the downtown mall in charlottesville. look at this. on a normal saturday, this would be crowded with revelers, people out
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summer evening. this is anything but a normal saturday after what's been happening here since friday night. it all-starred in emancipation park where the protests. they were moved from there and some of the protesters started marching down fourth and water street. take a look. this is a crime scene because of what happened there. you talked about that car plowing through the crowd. a driver now in tus cod. this was a horrible scene. a lot of people say this isn't charlottesville. this isn't what the town is about. take a listen what some had to say. the horrifying moments when a car plowed into a crowd. first forward, then in reverse. hitting people both ways. >> i saw the car going across the mall. and then race back this way in reverse with the bumper hanging off and shoes flying. and then i ran up and saw people dying. >> reporter: david was there as a
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he didn't want to be needed. he expected to be and he was. >> a car hit two other cars and then sped away. >> reporter: the injuries were disturbing. >> the other guy had a serious head injury and was bleeding out of his arm really bad. we worked on him a little bit till the ems got there. >> reporter: one died and 19 injured. worst of the violence to spring from an alt-right protest opposing the removal of a confederate statue here. other protesters showed up in opposition to those supporting the statue. locals are troubled this has come to this town described by many as an atmosphere of liberalness. joshua thomas says it's part of what's up here. >> it's part of the issue of racism and those with privilege and power not wanting to relinquish the power. in order for one group to become more equal, one group will have to relinquish some of their power and privilege. i think we're seeing that it's a great opposition to
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want to give up their power they have and they'll drive cars through children and women and fathers and mothers. >> this is just silliness and stupid. i think that it's not doing anything but both sides are wrong. >> reporter: back with you live now. you're looking at a fal lax of city police in riot gear guarding that street which again is a crime scene after this horrific accident there, a driver in custody. we saw video of that car leaving here. understandably, couldn't have been too hard to find with the damage it had and the amount of people that had seen it. there is a press conference going on with the governor and city and state officials here to talk about what is expected and the folks we've talked to here say they're a bit worried about tonight when things get dark. for now, things are cool under a state of emergency here both statewide and here in charlottesville. derrick ward, news4. >> day, thank you.
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dg the violence in charlottesville and says it's time for americans to come together. mr. trump has spoken to virginia governor terry mcauliffe and pledged his support. some of the white nationalists at the rally cited president trump's victory as a val dafgs their beliefs. here's part of what the president said during remarks at his golf club in new jersey. >> there egregious display of rate red, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides, it's been going on for a long time in our country. not donald trump, not barack obama, this has been going on for a long, long time. it has no place in america. what is vital now is a swift restoration of law and order and the protection of innocent lives. >> reporters on the ground say the rally was scheduled for noon but people began arriving as early as 7:00 a.m. to
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there in support of the controversial statue and an eyewitness to the horror that ensued. saturday in charlottesville, lightweight supremacists descended on the town protesting the removal of a statute of general robert e. lee. >> come out here to support against removal of the statue of robert e. lee along with the various groups here. >> reporter: they were met by a diversity crowd of count counterprotesters peacefully marching and chanting. violence erupted with people hurling bottles and even unleashing chemical sprays. there were police in riot gear. governor terry mcauliffe declaring a state of emergency and then things got even worse. witnesses capturing the moment a car sped into the crowd killing one person and injuring more than a dozen. here it is violently pulling away from the chaotic scene. this man
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horrifying ordeal. >> and the silver dodge charger comes plowing at about 30, 40 miles per hour directly into pedestrians. i saw at least two people fly over the hood of his car. and then he hit another car that was parked in front of him. which hit then another van hon had no driver in it which was also parked on the side of the road. those twos other cars caused multiple injuries themselves from the chain reaction. >> hard to listen to that very violent and vivid account. much more on the crash and rally later on in this broadcast including a interview with the rally organizer, and "nightly news" continues our coverage at the bottom of the hour. in other news tonight, take a look at some of the damage from friday's storms. we got word today that a tornado touched down in fauquier county last night. the national weather service says it was the lowest rated tornado. estimated peak winds were 75 miles an hour. r
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with storms popping up in the viewing area, folks in alexandria, virginia are, dealing with the clean-up of a huge tree that fell this afternoon. darcy spencer living in alexandria. it's unclear tonight if weather played a direct part in all of this. show us what you're seeing there on the ground. >> reporter: hey, we're right here on callie court. right now, the tree crew has been here for the last probably 30 minutes. they're making a lot of progress. the tree basically split in half and part of that tree was covering the roadway for a good part of the day. trapping people in their homes because it's a cul-de-sac, they couldn't get out. some of the residents are telling me that the tree had apparent rotted. this comes after last night's severe storms. >> i just pulled into the driveway. i was working today. as i pulled in the driveway, i saw a police car down and lights flashing. what's going on on my street and looked and saud i couldn't see the rest of the street.
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to take a look at it and see what could have happened. >> reporter: we're showing you some video from last night where you just mentioned the national weather service confirmed there was a tornado that hit a tree fell on an rv. luckily ha couple inside was okay. this was right on the prince william and fauquier county line. residents say the wind shook their homes and knocked down a bunch of trees. today there was a lot of clean-up going on there as well as here on callie court. you can see they're just about done. the street should be opening up sometime very soon. >> big mess there, darcy spencer,hank t
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back to that breaking news out of charlottesville tonight where we are getting new reaction interest organizers who planned for the march earlier in the week. they called themselves unite the right. they were there to protest after the city of charlottsville voted to remove the statue of robert several lee from emancipation park. >> charlottesville city government and police refuse to do their jobs. they refuse to protect our events and enforce the terms of the precipitation as ordered by the federal judge. they
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environment, and denied us our rights. >> organizers planned today's rally after the city council voted to change the names for two parks. charlottesville's lee park became emancipation park and jackson park became justice park. the decision followed a recommendation from a blue ribbon commission last year. many of us have spent time on jefferson davis highway in alexandria named for the president of the confederacy, but not for much longer. that city is now taking suggestions for a brand-new name for route 1. you can weigh in through an online survey. we've put that link on the nbc washington app for you. there are also two advisory meetings, one this coming thursday and another one next month. sa mar
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you're watching "news4 at 6." the man accuses of shooting a 17-year-old girl in northeast washington faced a judge today as the teen fights for her life. phillip carlos mcdaniel was in court. the victim was driving through the brentwood neighborhood on thursday afternoon. officers say the teen was not the intended target. a second person was also shot. officers are looking for two other people ho they say drove off in a gold color honda accord with a
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all right. from a very soggy evening stormy evening, a lot of damage for a lot of the folks. today was looking good but now we're coming into some activity tonight. >> exactly. the sun we saw earlier igniting the atmosphere just ahead of a cold front. that is pushing through. it's already sparking severe thunderstorm warnings. right now, under a severe thunderstorm warning is frederick, howard and montgomery county as well as loudoun county till 6:45 p.m. this storm in particular packing a punch, heavy rainfall, lightning, possible hail and very damaging winds. so you def want to keep that in mind. this is out towards frederick county. it's got a southeast pull to it. going on ahead and turning on the tracker, let's time this out. some areas getting ready to get hit, west friendship 6:28. down towards orchard. 6:37 expecting the storm to arrive. if you were planning heading out this evening and a
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storms pass through. if you head down towards loudoun county, also under a severe thunderstorm warning till 6:45 p.m. very heavy rain, waterford just knocking on your door 6:20. leesburg around 6:31, jonesville 6:37 it has the southeast pull to it. again, seek shelter. not worth it. one line of storms moving through. i do want you to just wait it out if you have anywhere to go this evening. it's not just those counties. if you look at the areas shaded in pink, severe thunderstorm watch for our entire region till 11:00 p.m. tonight as this line of storms me appeareders at 25 miles per hour south and east. timing this out, maybe you're headed to the game this evening. 8:00 p.m. is when they push through the parts of the northern neck and southern maryland. same as we head towards mid an night. start to clear a
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watching for showers. they'll take their time leaving southern maryland. into the overnight hours, clearing on the back end of this front which means good news for us for your sunday. by this time tomorrow, clear skies for the most of us. mostly sunny conditions. comfortable with lower humidity. i talked about the ball game. the nats taking on the giants this evening. the start might not be as bad. as we head towards the 8:00 hour, we will be watching for rain delays. temperatures will drop quickly behind that rain down into the 70s. pushing forward into tomorrow, that should say sunday, not saturday, temperatures will peak in the low to mid 80s tomorrow. a lot more -- this is going to be the preferential yea day tomorrow. drier conditions for your sunday. temperatures around brunch 2 degrees. here's a look at your storm team ten-day outlook. what i would like to point out is that today even though
6:21 pm
seeing the storms, tomorrow will be less humid. the start of your week not bad. shaping up nicely. monday ice located shower chance will be shifted farther southeast. tuesday, watching for a 30% rain chance. overall the majority of us will stay dry through the middle of the week. we'll watch the next storm chance as we head into next weekend. overall, we really didn't need this. we had the severe weather yesterday. and this should be moving through this afternoon, erika. >> so mara, thank you so very much. a very busy night. more breaking news we've got coming into newsroom now. in the charlottesville, virginia area. a helicopter crashed into some farmland killing two people. this is happening in alba morrow county. the bell 407 helicopter crashed seven miles southwest of charlottesville. the faa and the national transportation safety board now investigating this. you'll f
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i spoke to the president this afternoon and we had a conversation. >> we want to listen in
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virginia governor terry mcauliffe talking about the events that the unfolded in charlottesville today. >> got to be a movement in this country to bring people together. hatred and rhetoric that has gone on and intensified over the last several months is dividing this great nation. we need to work together. i told the president that twice. i would be willing to work with you if we can work together to bring people together but stop the hate speech and rhetoric in this country. we have got to bring people together. but we are a great commonwealth and we are great nation. and we are even stronger today because of those actions of those people who came with their bigotry and hatred. i would now. >> west virginia governor terry mcauliffe talking about the events that unfolded in charlottesville. we'll have much more coming up on "nightly news" and again tonight on news4 at 11:00. >> this is the x event sportsdesk. >> after a
6:26 pm
back on the practice field. coaches definitely found plenty of things that need to be corrected after watching the film from thursday night's performance in baltimore. highway the starters only saw limited action on thursday, it still left a lot to be desired. here's sherree burruss burriss with an update. >> reporter: thursday' pre-season game still brought jitters to veterans. >> i was a little nervous at first but glad we got that out of the way. i late that it was so bad. but it was a good thing that we performed that way because now we see everything we got to work on. >> it felt like a first pre-season game. once that first play and the dizziness goes away, it was cool. >> i'm glad they got out there and got beat around a little bit. that's why people who complain about preseason games don't understand the importance of them. it's important for us to get this stuff on tape, get things corrected before we get to philly. >> trent murphy will miss that philly game and the entire season after tearing his
6:27 pm
mcl on thursday. state of cravens also went down on thursday but expected back in a few weeks. giving everett a chance he's looking for. >> coach tells us in the meeting room that he looked for in a defensive back and i try to make sure i get it done. >> all the guys getting represents and opportunities, it's time to show what they can do. that's how i got my opportunity. you got to take advantage. >> players on the offense admit they never really showed up against the ravens but never really had the chance. just six plays. a week from today at home against the packers, expect the offense to play at least a quarter. it's another chance to see what this team can or cannot do this season. from richmond, sher rid burriss, news4 sports. a lot going on tonight. hopefully the weather holds off for the nationals this evening. thurmont maryland's little league team looks t
6:28 pm
tonight as they face jackson, new jersey. >> george wallace, thank you very much. we have a few more seconds here. we want to update you on the developing story out of charlottesville. this alert came through your phone. sadly, we are now reporting that virginia governor terry mcauliffe said there are now three people dead in charlottesville. this is a developing story. we'll continue to update it from the scene and through our app. thanks for staying with us tonight. "nightly news" continues our average right this busy mom spends her days driving all over town. so... why is she smiling? because she shopped during the safeway anniversary sale, and filled up her trunk with grocery savings,
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now that's something to smile about. the safeway anniversary sale! it's just better!
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on this saturday night, state of emergency. white nationalist protests turned deadly in charlottesville, virginia, when a car slammed into the crowd. president trump condemning what he calls an egregious display of bigotry and calls for unity. >> no matter our color, creed, religion or political party, we are all americans first. border lifeline as tensions rise with north korea, we get a rare glimpse at the crucial trade link with china that keeps north korea running. sick bay in space. first responders respond when there's a medical emergency on mars. and close encounter, the remarkable scenes in


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